With the content library, changing what’s playing is as simple as drag-and-drop. Upload content, securely push it to a device, and sit back because it’s that easy.

Our Kiosk Lockdown software offers you a simple and secure solution for registering, configuring and managing Android, Windows or iOS tablets, smartphones. Configure our devices in single-app or multi-app mode with the ability to prevent user access to settings by changing the devices in kiosk mode. With your own app library you can upload, edit and push content to all your devices.


With our application management platform you can upload any iOS, Android or Windows application or website to your library. Implement content directly on any device without having to restart. Instant playback - View what's playing in real-time on a device. Change it with a simple drag-and-drop. No downtime - everything can be done with a live device, so no downtime is needed.


Device Profiles allows you to create a profile with pre-selected apps, websites and specific branding. Device groups allow you to organize devices into different groups.


Easy Device Organization

The Device Groups feature allows you to organize your devices into groups. Make certain changes to an entire group of devices, rather than individually.


Set Custom Roles & Permissions

Set device administrators to a group or the entire group of devices.


Create Multiple Device Profiles

Create multiple device profiles if you want to have different settings for your devices.


Copy Device Profile

Create a clone of existing device profile.