Empower Your Devices in Kiosk Mode with QIOX Kiosk Software

A perfect Kiosk Management Software to manage, control and secure a fleet of devices to ensure productivity and precision.  

QIOX Kiosk Browser is a secure & highly configurable web browser. It allows you to lock your Android devices to a specific website or group of sites preventing end users from accessing any other websites. Kiosk mode browsers allow immediate leverage of web content that you already have to a kiosk experience. Specific links appropriate to a public user experience may be needed – but the web content delivery system can stay as-is. This is a significant efficiency compared to other models where a content library and presentation layer need to be recreated for signage.


The Kiosk browser supports settings to end browsing sessions so that units are ready for the next customer. Two settings are available:

  •  Automatic return to homepage after a specified timeout

  •  User data clearing: upon timeout, upon return to home page or never

Additionally, an attract loop video or app can also be attached to the Kiosk Browser just like with Android APK content.

Whitelisting Websites

Whitelisting enables you to have a controlled browsing on your device.


Hide Address Bar

Hide the MobiLock Browser’s address bar to block users from typing URLs.


Enable Incognito Mode

No history, session cookie or form passwords are remembered after browser is closed.


Remotely Clear Browser Cache

Remotely clear the browser cache on all of your devices.


Refresh Website

Reload website after some time interval which will help you to see the latest content of websites.