Yearly subscription

Our Kiosk subscription offers the following possibilities:


  • Installing and updating apk files or web-urls to one or more QIOX devices.

  • "Silent" implementations on Android, Windows and iOS tablets.

  • Dashboard for a clear overview of the status of the furniture, connections and updates.

  • Insight into used hardware and installed software and apps.

  • Furniture monitoring including: start / stop, battery level, memory and CPU load.

  • Remotely take over the furniture with the integrated Remote Control Soft ware.

  • Unlimited number of authorized apps.

  • Blacklist / whitelist "apps.

  • Fullscreen mode of browser.

  • Block address, search bar and navigation buttons.

  • Password protected kiosk with single app mode function.

  • Authorize or block app activity windows.

  • Prevent changes to device settings by end-user.

  • Available for smartphones, tablets and other devices under Android, Windows and iOS.


Service contract

Our HelpDesk keeps the furniture in optimal condition (preventive maintenance) and resolves any faults (corrective maintenance). The SLA service is managed remotely and executed. The QIOX helpdesk will provide support with regard to reported malfunctions in accordance with the agreed service level.


The HelpDesk provides support for reported malfunctions according to agreed service level. Disruptions are always first per 1st line service via remote control treated. If a fault can not be resolved over 1st line service, there will be via 2nd line (paid) service on location, to a solution for the fault sought.

Service appointments basic

  • E-mail / ticketing system fault reports;

  • 24/7 Telephone Monday through Friday 9 am - 5.30 pm; 

  • The response time within office hours 1st line service within 2 hours; 

  • The response time outside office hours 1st line service next business day within 2 hours;

  • Targeted solution time 1st + 2nd line service (during office hours) within 1 or 2 working days; 

  • Online ticket system with HelpDesk during regular office hours for problems and questions (1st level support);

  • Responding to alarms whenever possible before a problem arises;

  • Testing, installing and configuring corrective and preventive software / app updates from the Kiosk App Store cloud based so ware;

  • The implementation of improvements (preventive and corrective) of the software / apps as delivered by suppliers under their maintenance obligations being the app.

  • Providing a central hotline for registration and handling of malfunction reports;



services in Europe

We advise, design, develop, build and install complete kiosk & digital signage solutions. You can also contact us for maintenance and service. With complete  also mean really complete. So including hardware 'fit for purpose' and software integration of the desired applications. QIOX has technicians who expertly carry out the installation of your new equipment, in accordance with a plan of approach, under the guidance of an experienced project manager. Your installation always goes in good cooperation and harmony with your employees.


This is done on the basis of the requirements and wishes that you have laid down as the client. Before the actual installation takes place, the equipment is inspected by QIOX by the experts after arrival and assembled as much as possible in order to limit the "nuisance" on site. QIOX stands for solutions that work and continue to work. This means that we also sign for service and maintenance after delivery. Via remote control applications we can monitor remotely or everything in the shop functions as intended. We are able to solve problems quickly or even anticipate them and to answer questions directly. In the unlikely event that a fault can not be remedied remotely, we deploy our own service team that is quickly on site and can solve problems in the field. avoid on-site phase.