Our software makes the user experience and experience of web or native applications manageable and secure on your kiosk!​

With the help of our QIOX desk in the cloud, users of web or native applications can ask for directions themselves, ask for advice, make product selections and order products that are not physically present at the location. Our QIOX desk is a secured cloud solution for support of your applications at your location (s) if you want to offer your guests service and advice and want to shorten waiting times. Consumers are accustomed to the enormous amount of internet to request information at home on the PC or mobile phone.

We ensure that this experience and the associated benefits at your location matched and connect to these experiences. By using our kiosk software, online service is not only possible at home or on the road, but also at your locations or in your showroom. Our QIOX desk also protects your web and app applications against unwanted updates from known platforms such as android or other unwanted disruptive factors. on your digital services.


The kiosk browser allows an administrator to remotely deploy a website on a device. In kiosk mode, navigation is limited to only your web page and links.


QIOX devices call home upon initial startup to retrieve instructions, allowing you to set up an app to auto-download, install and play on the device.

Automatic start

With the content library, changing what’s playing is as simple as drag-and-drop. Upload content, securely push it to a device, and sit back because it’s that easy.


Control your devices. With QIOX you can view what’s playing, adjust volume, check for updates, reboot your device, all without leaving your desk.

Device control