Our partners
Here you will find an overview of our strategic partners.
Memo Registration software
Memo invests permanently in the latest technology and thus created the contact center of the future that supports you in making the difference in that changing world. In addition to technology, people remain the most important. A reception service will always need helpful words, a listening ear, the ability to correctly assess a situation and the flexibility to respond appropriately. In short: a human touch.
Gastrofix POS software
Gastrofix GmbH Deurne, headquartered in Berlin, was founded in 2011, currently has 140 employees and is represented in 7 countries. The cloud-based POS platform for digitizing the hospitality industry is completely offline and therefore completely safe.
Vendomat POS software
POS systems & software solutions
Vendomat AG is a successful and innovative partner in the German-speaking part of Switzerland for uniform total solutions, cash register systems, bar checks and web-based solutions. The powerful team at Vendomat has a wide potential of specialist knowledge and industry experience.
Lightspeed POS software
LightSpeed ​​believes that doing business is for everyone.
Since the beginning it has been about more than just transactions; we want to help entrepreneurs work more efficiently, make data-driven decisions and create an unforgettable experience for their customers and guests. This philosophy is in everything that Lightspeed does.
Untill POS software
As a hospitality entrepreneur you are looking for a party who understands the role of automation for your hospitality business. At unTill they understand this and with our more than 25 years of hospitality experience they speak your language. It's not for nothing that all their employees have a background in the hospitality industry.
Mplus POS software
The history of MplusKASSA. The family business was created by a preference for exact subjects, logic, analysis and system. MplusKASSA is part of Bolt.nl BV. In 2004, the company grew and specialized in POS systems under the MplusKASSA brand. The T-line was the first version of MplusKASSA. The Q-line of MplusKASSA was released in 2011.
STN POS software
With the Q line, Mplus brings completely new POS software to the market.
A new layout and an innovative sales structure makes the Qlijn the best and most user-friendly POS software of the moment.
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Jamezz Selfservice software
Jamezz goes hand in hand with your paper menu. Just like your own ministry, Jamezz works on upselling. Is a cup of coffee ordered? Then their order software can recommend something tasty on our QIOX columns as a suggestion.
Mynober selfservice software
Interactive online ordering for the hospitality industry
You serve your guests. MynOber serves the hospitality industry.

MynOber is a top brand for interactive and online ordering in the hospitality industry. They offer a total solution with products and services that completely relieve catering entrepreneurs in the field of mobile ordering and self-service systems.
Woby Selfservice software
Woby has extensive knowledge, relevant experience and the right partners to ensure that all these products and services work together optimally. You can therefore see your turnover rise in an affordable way and without extra work.

Their vision
User-friendly innovation stimulates growth and use. That's why they deliver
user-friendly and affordable total solutions.
ACA POS software
Focus on fashion
ACA developed software for companies that are active in the fashion industry. Software that helps you to excel by creating maximum synergy between web shops and stores, retail and wholesale, and logistical and financial administrations. Whether you only carry out retail activities or wholesale activities or just a combination of both, ACA is the right place for us.
Tonit POS software
Horeca POS systems
When it comes to the best POS systems for the hospitality industry, then you are at the right place at Tonit Afrekensystemen. Tonit supplies POS touch screen POS systems, mobile POS systems, note printers and POS printers and of course also QIOX self-service solutions.
Leqqr POS software
The leqqr kiosk is actually an extra checkout employee. In the shop, guests can view the menu in peace and quiet, place an order and pay by debit card. Never stand in line at the counter again. More peace of mind!
Eijsink POS software
Eijsink is a total solver when it comes to optimizing and facilitating business processes. Their services are broad: from cash registers and bar & kitchen management to staff planning and web shops with cash register connection. They are the connecting link between you as an entrepreneur, your customers and your suppliers.
Taures POS software
Taurus has a professional team with personal service. If there are any problems, they are always solved professionally and quickly. Also outside office hours. Satisfied for years and seems to be increasingly innovating in the IT and cash register market.
ELO Touch partner
ELO know touch - it's our only business. In fact, ELO invented the touchscreen over 40 years ago and haven't stopped since. Every 21 seconds, a new Elo touch screen is installed somewhere in the world. ELO obsess over details to exceed the highest quality standards.

ELO product portfolio includes a broad selection of interactive touchscreen displays from 10-70 inches, all-in-one touchscreen computers, OEM touchscreens and touchscreen controllers and touchscreen monitors.
Adyen payments
Adyen was founded in 2006 by a group of entrepreneurs, including Pieter van der Does and Arnout Schuijff. The existing payment technology consisted of a maze of systems built on outdated infrastructure. To help companies grow, the co-founders wanted to build a platform that could meet the constantly changing needs of today's business world.
Worldline Payments
Worldline formulates systems and solutions that ensure seamless execution for both our clients and their customers. A great end user experience is our mandate, and you have certainly seen us working for you in your every day life – from withdrawal of money to paying for your meals at a restaurant. If you purchased tickets online, you used our systems to do so.
Pay. Payments
Making a payment online is something everyone does without giving it a second thought. Simply choose your payment method, enter your details and click on the “Buy” button, and the products or services are delivered. But behind those few simple actions, there is a whole world of complex regulations, technology issues, quality assurance and controls that need to be performed. PAY. ensures that tens of thousands of payments can be processed every day.
Xsarus Digital commerce
XSARUS is the best internet agency in the Netherlands (according to trade magazine Management Team) and ranks 2 in the Top 100 best e-commerce agencies in the Netherlands (from trade magazine Emerce). We support organizations in the digital age and facilitate digital transformation from a business, creative and technological perspective. XSARUS offers 20 years of experience in Digital Commerce.
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