Control your devices. With QIOX you can view what’s playing, adjust volume, check for updates, reboot your device, all without leaving your desk.

Kiosk mode browsers allow immediate leverage of web content that you already have to a kiosk experience. Specific links appropriate to a public user experience may be needed – but the web content delivery system can stay as-is. This is a significant efficiency compared to other models where a content library and presentation layer need to be recreated for signage.

QIOX includes a very powerful kiosk browser that offers a choice of two browser engines:

  •  Native Android browser engine (Webkit)

  •  CrossWalk engine


The Kiosk browser also supports settings to end browsing sessions so that units are ready for the next customer. Two settings are available:

  •  Automatic return to homepage after a specified timeout

  •  User data clearing: upon timeout, upon return to home page or never

Additionally, an attract loop video or app can also be attached to the Kiosk Browser just like with Android APK content. With our MDM dashboard you have everything you need to keep your devices running smoothly at your fingertips.


CPU monitoring

monitor the CPU usage of each device in real time. Track user activity to ensure your content reaches your target audience. Device status Receive notifications about the status of the device. If a device goes offline, you are the first to know it.


Now playing

View active screenshots of the content currently being played on your devices.



Track the placement of all your devices on an interactive map.   Full control over your device settings from anywhere in the world. With our MDM platform, adjusting the brightness of a device in New York from your office in Eindhoven has never been easier.  


Device settings

With QIOX you have the possibility to adjust the settings of your device, such as volume and brightness.  


Software update

Update your devices remotely as new software updates become available.   Reset data - Restore your device to the factory settings and delete all locally stored content.